Responsible Fundraising

Dear Parents and Friends:

In a perfect world, our children would not have to fundraise. And, in a perfect world our our most important natural resource would not need our protection. But sadly, both items are reality, Our classroom’s budgets have been cut dramatically in recent years, and our world’s rainforests are being destroyed by thousands of acres each and every day.

You see, the unfortunate thing is that economics is the source of both problems, Our students lack the funds they need for necessary equipment and activities, and the rainforests are being destroyed for the money generated from harvesting the land.

What if we could sove both problems at the same time??

Rainmaker Projects is an organization formed by parents who, like you, wanted to participate in the fundraising activities of our children. But, we struggled with the same type of fundraiser products time-after-time. Quite frankly, most of us would purchase items that we didn’t necessarily want or need, but for the simple fact that we wanted to contribute to our children’s fundraiser… Sound familiar??

So, we set out to come up with a different approach… something that would contribute to the needs of our children, but would also be a vehicle for education and provide benefits for a greater cause. We call it “Responsible Fundraising”. You see, instead of asking you to buy cookie dough, pizza kits, or similar items that are normally offered, we are asking you to participate in a permanent solution to the rainforest crisis. And the cool part?… When you purchase a square foot of rainforest or re-plant a tree, the proceeds go to the cause supported by this fundraiser!


Buy a square foot of rainforest to have and to hold for eternity


Purchase a native rainforest tree to be replanted in an area of deforestation

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Complete the information on the enclosed order form


Make Checks Payable to: Rainmaker Projects

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Receive a beautiful certificate in your name. The certificate will have coordinates that you can enter online to see a satellite image of your actual land or the actual forest where your tree will be planted.

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