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Atlanta Wedding Photographer

15 Aug Atlanta Wedding Photographer | You Are Raven

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | You Are Raven


You Are Raven is an Atlanta wedding photographer who specializes in capturing unique and nontraditional photos of a couple during this monumental season of their life. Raven, photographer, and founder of You Are Raven, loves to emphasize the party animals of the world by allowing them to celebrate their love in their natural habitat.

This Atlanta wedding photographer knows that your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Because of this, she is quick to encourage each couple to stay true to who they are without compromising for the sake of “tradition”. How does You Are Raven set herself apart in this ever-changing industry?

Unique Photography Style

You Are Raven has developed a photography style that is very unique. By combining candid photos of your big day along with a few traditional posed wedding photos, you are sure to get the best of both worlds. However, at the end of the day, the photos taken of your big day depend greatly on you! If you prefer individual posed photos with your family members, You Are Raven can accommodate for that. However, if you choose to take one quick group photo, she will make that happen as well.

The photos captured by this Atlanta wedding photographer are guaranteed to highlight your personality as a couple. A mixture of bright, colorful photos along with several beautiful black & white images are sure to capture your big day in a way that is true to you.

Passionate Yet Professional

Atlanta Wedding PhotographerYou Are Raven didn’t start out with the intention of becoming an Atlanta wedding photographer. Like some of the best things in life, it just happened. Because of this, Raven is incredibly passionate about her craft. However, she combines this intense passion with a level of professionalism that will take all of the stress out of your wedding day. You Are Raven uses high-quality equipment and precise planning to give you the best possible experience.

Raven’s passion translates through her photographs. The photos she captures are raw and emotional, highlighting the very best parts of your special day. These special moments will be treasured and displayed throughout your home for years to come. 


Flexibility is a great trait to have in an Atlanta wedding photographer. You Are Raven loves to create a day that is unique to each couple. Since this is so important to her, she will go out of her way to cater to any requests that you may have. Is there a unique, crazy moment you want to be captured? She will be there. Do you want to take a wedding photo wearing an animal mask? That’s right up her alley! 

You Are Raven is also flexible when it comes to travel. In fact, for weddings within 4 hours of Atlanta, there is no additional travel fee! This Atlanta wedding photographer is a huge proponent of creating a unique experience for each couple, no matter who they are or where they are located. 

Hiring an Atlanta wedding photographer is a big decision! Your wedding photographer should be in tune with your personality and desires when it comes to capturing your big day. You Are Raven would love to discuss becoming your Atlanta wedding photographer! You can find her portfolio along with additional information by following this link.

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