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Avon Home Automation

18 Mar Avon Home Automation | Twelve-Twenty Audio

Avon Home Automation | Twelve-Twenty Audio

Twelve-Twenty Audio is a business out of Colorado that provides exceptional Avon home automation services. The owner of Twelve-Twenty Audio, Jonathan Canby, has years of experience installing home audio, theater, and automation equipment.

Jonathan’s passion is to provide excellent services for each of his clients. He is committed to getting the job done with excellence every single time

If you’re still on the wall about upgrading to the latest Avon home automation tech, here are a few reasons you should consider working with the team at Twelve-Twenty Audio.

Avon Home Automation

The Future is Now

Do you remember all of the incredible tech your read about in Syfy books as a child? Things like automatic doors, and living environments that respond to your every command? Well, with the latest advances in Avon home automation, this technology is now available to you.

When most people think of a smart home, they often think of all the extra bells and whistles that they could probably do without. But did you know that upgrading to a smart home can actually save you money in the long run? With features like thermostats that can be programmed to adjust with the changing weather, or lights that automatically conserve energy when no one is detected, your smart home can help limit the energy drains that might be responsible for an inflated energy bill.

More Entertainment

Not only do smart homes offer practical benefits, but they’re also just downright entertaining. What’s more fun than inviting all your friends over and wowing them with all of the things you can control in your home with just your voice? You can also have the ability to play music all across your home with a synchronized multi-room sound system, so the music follows you wherever you go.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, the team at Twelve-Twenty Audio can install blinds that open at the same time each day or respond to the sound of your voice.  

Increased Security

Advancements in Avon home automation technology now allow for greater security than even with versatile monitoring and alarm systems that can all be managed from the ease of your smart home. You’ll be able to make changes to home wherever you are in the world. Things like turning on outside lights, locking doors, monitoring the thermostat, and much more.   

Seamless Integration

If you’re not sold yet, you’ll be happy to know that the team at Twelve-Twenty Audio can integrate all of the latest Avon home automation technology in a discreet way that doesn’t detract from the ambiance of your home. In fact, you’ll hardly notice it’s there until you want to use it.  

If you would like more information about the latest in Avon home automation, you can visit Jonathan’s website here.

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