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16 Jul Cape Girardeau Hospice | Crown Hospice

Cape Girardeau Hospice | Crown Hospice


Crown Cape Girardeau Hospice is a local team of highly trained caregivers that are able to provide incredible hospice care to patients and families. As a faith-based, independent, locally supported group, our focus is quality of life.

Cape Girardeau Hospice

Crown Cape Girardeau Hospice offers a unique way of caring for patients that are dealing with end of life choices. A medically driven program, hospice is all about improving a patient’s quality of life helping to alleviate the family’s dismay by offering benevolent care, reducing and removing pain, and easing the overall emotional, spiritual, social, and economic stress that can often be a part of end of life decisions.

Our Approach – 

Our program’s diverse team of professionals and volunteers work in close proximity with the family throughout sickness, and through the bereavement period which could go as long as up to a year.

Our team is equipped with years of hospice experience. Cape Girardeau Hospice’s staff is capable of facilitating the needed support through loved ones and your expert hospice staff. Your medical professional leads a hospice team, while a certified nurse organizes the day-to-day care. Pastors and Social Workers are on the facility to offer support to you and your family. Qualified volunteers take care of a wide variety of tasks as they’re needed, such as providing companionship, cleaning services, as well as taking care of errands.

Not all hospices are the same, so it’s important to find one that has your best interests at heart. At Cape Girardeau Hospice, our goal is to bring amazing hospice care to all those in need regardless of religious belief, race, creed, or financial situation.  We have a lasting commitment to provide services with dignity while enabling physical comfort, compassion, and spiritual support to both patient and family. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit our website a


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