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17 Jan How do I find a State Farm Agent?

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Howdy all! Purchasing any kind of insurance can be a daunting task, especially in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is known to have one of the highest home owner’s insurance premiums in the country. State Farm Agent Chris Lile in Tulsa knows firsthand the crazy weather and happenings in Oklahoma that would be the reason premiums are higher.

Are you planning to move to Oklahoma and don’t know what to expect? Visit you State Farm Tulsa office. Here is a list of reasons why Oklahoma ranks as the highest home owner’s premium in the country:

State Farm Tulsa

Ooooooklahoma Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

Tornado Alley, a term given to terrify people from other places in the country to stay away. State Farm Agent Chris Lile has experienced the sirens, the green skies, and the devastating winds. Between the hailstorms and the ravaging twisters, Its no wonder that Oklahoma is ranked so high on the list of highest home insurance premiums.

Oklahoma is hit with an average of 52 tornadoes a year. Depending on what region of Oklahoma you live in, you may not be as affected as others. Premiums can vary by region. Your State Farm Tulsa would have specifics for the Tulsa area.


This comes as a shock to many, but Oklahoma has the most seismic activity compared to any other state in America. Oklahoma had more than 304 earthquakes in 2017. Chris Lile knows that these tremors and the continuous movement of plates and faults can compromise housing structures. For this reason, earthquakes contribute to the high home owner’s insurance premiums.

Most Oklahomans have learned to ignore the occasional ripple of the ground. While Oklahoma hasn’t experienced anything higher than a 6 on the Richter scale, it doesn’t mean that the small earthquakes aren’t causing damage. The small tremors can contribute to buildings settling, which in the long run, is not good for your house.


Wildfires can be devastating. They have the ability to cover hundreds of miles in just a short amount of time. Wildfires usually devastate the western regions of Oklahoma where it is dry and windy. State Farm Agents would rarely see this kind of phenomenon in the northeastern part of the state since this region experiences more rainfall; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

You will occasionally hear of the “fire ban,” where having a bonfire or burning of any sort is banned in order to reduce risk of fires spreading. Wildfires are another reason the premiums are higher in Oklahoma.

There is a reason why Oklahomans are thought of as some of the toughest people in America; they have adapted to crazy phenomenon that the state experiences everyday. State Farm Tulsa can give you the ins and outs of premiums and contributing factors. If you live in this state, its better safe than sorry playing the insurance game. Visit your State Farm office and they will assist you and educate you in anything related to insurance. Give them a call today!

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