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11 Jul Christine Norvell | Tulsa Christian Author

Christine Norvell | Tulsa Christian Author

Christine Norvell

Christine Norvell is a classical Christian instructor, an avid reader, a wife, and mother of three children. As a published author and active writer, she enjoys equipping and inspiring other teachers, families, and readers. She believes that history and literature hold timeless truths and values about belief, relationships, and the human experience.

Christine Norvell is a regular writer for numerous Classical Christian publishers. She enjoys learning more about language and words we use, and how those words can impact the world around us. When she’s not writing, Christine Norvell enjoys reading the classics and discovering new sources of inspiration.  

Christine Norvell often travels to speak at conferences as well as smaller literary gatherings. She finds that the more she is able to travel, the people she can potentially equip and inspire. She has spoken at school groups, Bible studies,  teacher workshops, homeschool co-ops, book clubs, and youth groups. Everywhere she goes, she seeks to enable those that hear her grow and find new inspiration.

Christine is able to discuss a wide range of topics. Some of her topics include: Stewarding Your Home, Effective Discussion, Why Study the Pagans, and Inspiring Reading. Should you have a specific topic that you would like to discuss, Christine is also able to arrange a customized experience specifically for your audience.   

If you’d be interested in having Christine Norvell as a speaker at an event, big or small, feel free to reach out to us here for further information concerning pricing and availability.



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