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08 Dec EduMarking USA | DFW Playground Design Company

EduMarking USA | DFW Playground Design CompanyDFW Playground Design

EduMarking USA is a Dallas Fort Worth, or a DFW Playground Design, company who sees the limitless potential a playground can bring and because they strive for perfection, they look at playgrounds as more than just games or courts on your blacktop. Instead, they view playgrounds as a way to create more confident kids through play and interaction. To achieve this, they have created the only interactive and durable playground surface that lasts and creates engaging learning opportunities for children and their teachers.


How the DFW Playground Design Works

EduMarking USA’s surface is non-slip and entirely chemical free, creating a safe play area for kids that is colorful, bright, and vibrant. These thermoplastic playground surfaces can entirely revitalize an old blacktop or tarmac by turning them into unique experiences which are ideal for:

  • School Playgrounds
  • Daycare Playgrounds
  • Church Playgrounds
  • Park Playgrounds


The designs are manufactured at the EduMarking facility and then installed on your playground’s blacktop or tarmac through a timely, special heat application. To install your new playground, the DFW Playground Design company does the following:

  • Applys a primer to the surface
  • Places the design
  • Uses heat to adhere the design to the playground
  • Applys a UV sealant to maintain the design’s vibrant color
  • Applys their proprietary, non-slip surface so kids don’t fall

This intricate process locks your flawless design under the surface and keeps it protected from all the elements – nature and kids alike.


DFW Playground Design Packages

The DFW Playground Design company offers packages with special pricing options so you can easily get started on revitalizing your playground surface in no time.

Silver Package:

Includes your choice of 8 of the following designs:

  • Dragon 1-20 or A-Z
  • Snake 1-24 or A-Z
  • Four Square
  • Snakes and Ladders 1-36
  • Hopscotch
  • Activity Track
  • Compass/Compass Clock
  • Mirror Me
  • Number/Bullseye Target
  • Any Maze
  • Caterpillar 1-25 or A-Z


Gold Package:

Includes your choice of any 5 designs from the Silver Package (above) and 3 of the following designs:

  • Snail 1-25 or A-Z
  • 10 x 10 Multiplication Table
  • Any Number Grid (up to 100)
  • Snakes and Ladders (up to 100)
  • Chess Board
  • World Map


For more information on how EduMarking can revitalize your playground, call the DFW Playground Design Company today!


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