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Dentist In Hampton Cove

13 Dec Featured Rainmaker | Dental Associates Of Hampton Cove | Hampton Cove Dentist

It’s no secret that going to the dentist can be a bit nerve-racking and even stressful for some people. Past experiences that were negative for you or even someone you know can have a serious impact on who you go to for dental care, and how often you choose to get work done.

Dentist In Hampton Cove

At Dental Associates Of Hampton Cove, they take this seriously and have dedicated themselves to making sure that your dental experience is remembered as a positive and rewarding experience. For this Hampton Cove Dentist, providing comfort and ease for the patient is crucial for having a positive and continuing relationship that lasts long term. 

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Going to the dentist can often also feel like a stale and nonpersonal encounter without empathy and any genuine connections. 

What sets Dental Associates Of Hampton Cove’s practice apart from other local dental practices is that they don’t want you to just have a clinical feeling when you come and go from your appointments. They hope that trust is built over time, and you can leave feeling refreshed and encouraged regularly. 

From there, they want to develop a real relationship with you that isn’t fake. This is foundational for Hampton Cove Dentist and something that they value greatly for every patient who walks through their doors. 

Where to Find Dental Associates

Of Hampton Cove

Website: http://hamptoncove.dentalassociatesnearme.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorrie-green-14a401a4/

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What Customers Are Saying

About Dental Associates Of Hampton Cove 

Take a look about what some previous patients had to say about this Hampton Cove Dentist

I have a hard time going to the dentist. I hadn’t even been for a cleaning in 10 years. I have a good bit of work to be done and I feel very comfortable coming here. They make it easy and work with me to give me a better chance of keeping some of my teeth. I would recommend them to friends. Thanks

— Waldwinthir Guillim 

New patient with the first appointment this morning. I am a very white knuckle dental patient. Never have had a group of dental personnel makes me feel so comfortable. Claire, Rose, Mallory and Dr. Green are kind, compassionate, competent and professional at the same time. Every step was explained with a treatment plan as we go forward. I highly recommend Dental Associates of Hampton Cove. My husband has his first appointment this afternoon.

 — Julia Mayo

Dr. Green is an amazing dentist. She cares about her patients and staff. I had 2 teeth filled last week and never felt a thing. The most amazing thing is Dr. Green was a hygienist and assistant your years and then decided to go to dental school. To me that says a lot about her and her dental knowledge.

 — Ashley Hancock 

How to Learn More About

Dental Associates Of Hampton Cove 

Website: http://hamptoncove.dentalassociatesnearme.com/

Address: 6838 US-431, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763

Phone: (256) 536-8120

Monday: 8AM — 12PM; 1PM — 5PM
Tuesday: 7AM — 3PM
Wednesday: 8AM — 12PM; 1PM — 5PM
Thursday: 8AM — 12PM; 1PM — 5PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed



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