Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

13 Jun Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Truskett Law is a team of trial attorneys. We help innocent folks injured in car wrecks. We do what we do to make the streets safer. Call us 918-392-5444 today for a free consultation or to review a car crash report. Visit us at Truskett Law.  Don’t risk it call Truskett.

Truskett Law Focus

The community, the safety of the community, the education of their clients and everyone they reach and personal injury advocacy make up the foundation of Truskett’s core values.  This is why they do what they do.  They are here to impact the community and the lives of the people they help.

Truskett Law does more than just advocate for your legal needs. They’re also dedicated to the Tulsa community.  The past years, Truskett has participated in Lawyers Fighting Hunger; which is a program to feed needy Tulsa families around the holidays. They regularly invest in the city through acts of service and helping those in need.

When safety rules are violated, innocent people are injured. It’s their goal to hold safety rule violators responsible for their actions and help make Tulsa a safer place to live.

You and Truskett Law

If you’ve been in an wreck and you need a personal injury lawyer, call Truskett Law. It’s important to choose the right personal Injury attorney. The team at Truskett Law will answer your questions and make sure you receive the legal help you need. Remember, don’t risk it, call Truskett.  Visit truskettlaw.com


What Truskett Law can help you with:





  • We work for you. We will dedicate ourselves to your personal injury case.
  • A team that are reliable, dependable, and accessible to our clients.
  • We’re honest with you, whether it’s good or bad.
  • We practice personal injury law exclusively.
  • We care about you and your case.
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