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16 Jul Victoria Texas Hospice | Crown Hospice

Victoria Texas Hospice | Crown Hospice


Crown Hospice provides great care in the home or in environments similar to home, including medical facilities.  The heart of hospice is a joint effort by family, friends, volunteers, and a team of highly trained caregivers cooperating together to meet the needs of each patient. At Victoria Texas Hospice, we offer a wide range of services. Some of those services include Nursing Services, Physician Services, Pain Management, Personal Care, and Counseling/Social Services.

Victoria Texas Hospice

Should you choose to go with home care, regular home care is provided by our team in the patient’s home. Our care is administered by a highly trained and friendly staff of medical, spiritual and social work experts and volunteers.

Assistance with pain management, expert medical help, symptom management and all the activities of everyday living are provided. Our diverse team of professionals organizes care with the patient as well as their loved ones.  

The majority of patients, with the help of our team, are able to stay in their current home, whether it’s a private home or a nursing home facility. Should your loved one already live in a nursing home, the care offered by our team would be in addition to the services that they already receive by living there and would be covered by Medicare as a separate benefit.  

Another type of care that we offer is respite care. This care is available to the main caregivers and family in need of rejuvenation from caring for the patient. There are a number of local nursing facilities and private homes available for respite care. You can ask your hospice team for more information about the various places that are available for providing respite care.

Palliative care is different from curative care. Palliative care is not meant to cure the disease. Because of this, some medical procedures would only be appropriate if the patient’s physician and the hospice staff come to the conclusion that it would increase the patient’s quality of life.

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